Abstrat was formed by a team wanting something different from the agency life they had previously experienced.

With so many agencies offering full service digital and marketing solutions Abstrat was formed with a clear focus on software development. The aim, to be free to develop systems, applications and work with companies to improve their processes with a clear focus on showing the return on investment that can be expected.

About our team

Abstrat field a crack team of developers, we are extremely picky about who gets to work within our team and our entry process moves beyond the antiquated world of CVs to focus on code that has been written and whether developers are happy to put their names to it.  New recruits are assessed by their potential co-workers and we only work with the best candidates who can show why they should work with us.

Working as a dynamic agile team Abstrat has the knowledge and skills to build bespoke digital solutions for any business.  We don’t look for fame and we don’t shout about our happy customers, they know who we are and their support and the referrals they make provide us with the stability we need to focus on building cutting edge, fun and exciting new products.

Working with your business

We love working with companies and recognise that a lot of IT and marketing managers know exactly what they want from a development project.  We are happy to scale up for large projects or run smaller teams on longer term projects, whatever your requirements and budgets dictate. 

We are able to draw upon our network for additional project support when required and share the load if you want to get stuck in yourself.  If you’ve got a problem and you’re not sure where to turn, we’re probably the team to talk to.

Working with agencies

We work with agencies throughout the country and to date have never marketed ourselves to a single one.  Word of mouth has proven to be our best friend and we work silently under the radar to meet the tight deadlines that so many of you agree to.

We also appreciate that some projects need more than just software which is why we extended our network to include search, social media and video creation.  If you’ve got a project coming up and you want to talk it through, call us today.

Our skills

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If you’re reading this you’re intrigued and you’re tempted to find out more.. so why not drop us a line? Tell us who you are and what you’re working on and we’ll make sure the right person contacts you.

If you really can’t wait to speak to us, there is another way.. pick up the phone and call 01905 905435.

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What does Abstrat offer?

Abstrat was set up with an aim of building a developer community, away from recruitment consultants, based at home and working on interesting, complex and bespoke development projects.  We have a number of key clients who work with us because they know we deliver solid work, on time and for the right price.  We talk to lots of devs but we are very careful who we allow to get involved because badly architected code breaks our entire model.

You like what you hear?

If you are interested in learning more, we’ll be completely honest, we don’t want to see CVs; anyone can talk themselves up on two pages of A4 given the time!  We want to get a picture of who you are, the real person.  Please contact us by email at chooseme@abstrat.co.uk and tell us what interests you, what are you good at, what do you hate and what are your goals.  Provide us with three (we had to pick a number) recent pieces of code that you are really proud of, give us a quick summary of the projects and why you feel we should consider you. 

What next?

If we like you and you’re local we’ll invite you for a drink to have a chat otherwise we’ll arrange for a chat over Skype.